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In 2012 San Bernardino County showed educational improvement in every area except college readiness. According the to Community Foundation’s report “only 24% of San Bernardino County seniors completed the necessary coursework to be eligible for a UC or CSU campus”, this is lower than the statewide average of 36%. Additionally, only 21% of Latinos and 19% of African Americans met the eligibility requirements for a UC or CSU. We all know that college readiness, college entrance and college completion make a difference for our local economy and most importantly our society.

Mentoring can positively impact these numbers. Mentoring is a trust-based learning partnership between two people with the express purpose of providing support, guidance and opportunity for the mentee. The Youth Mentoring Action Network has been mentoring youth and designing and implementing youth based mentoring programs since 2007 and we know mentoring works. We know it works because the data says so, but we also know it works because we have mentored youth into colleges and universities like the University of California Berkeley, American University, Howard University, California State University San Bernardino and more.

Facing a shifting demographic and a need to build strong communities, the Inland Empire must tend to its young people. Mentoring is a valuable resource that can be leveraged to increase college access, college readiness, college completion and positive societal inclusion.

The Youth Mentoring Action Network is dedicated to ensuring that every young person in the Inland Empire has access to a mentor. We want to “leverage the power of mentoring to increase access to higher education”.


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